What we do

BM&T Marburg Office is currently mainly concerned with the reprogramming and distribution of the Virtual Physiology Series, a series of highly realistic computer simulations of physiological and pharmacological experiments for students’ education.

The Virtual Physiology or so-called “Sim” series comprises the following five laboratories: SimHeart, SimVessel, SimNeuron, SimNerv and SimMuscle.

For details see www.virtual-physiology.com

Apart from more than ten thousand downloads of almost fully functioning Demo Versions the Virtual Physiology programs are officially used in regular students’ courses at more than 100 Universities worldwide for education of thousands of students every year doing experiments without the need to killing rats or frogs. 

Licensing of the Virtual Physiology programs

Our programs are only running when license files are inserted. The text of the license file will appear in the virtual labs. In case of demo versions the license files are automatically generated and always include the statement “DEMO version – NOT licensed for teaching”. When the programs have been purchased we will send license files with the name of the institute, saying, for example, “SimHeart -licensed for the Institute of Physiology, University of Marburg, Germany“. The idea is that copies of these programs will not be usad in regular students‘ courses at other universities when it is clearly visible that they are licensed for a different university. That’s what we also expect in case of Demo versions when it is said „Demo version – NOT licensed for teaching“. This is our only but presumably quite effective bootleg protection apart from the fact that we anyhow trust our customers which are exclusively Universities and High Schools.